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What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a one way messaging solution which allows companies or organisations to communicate instantly with their subscribers or groups via text messaging. It serves as alerting, advertising and marketing purposes.

Bulk SMS can be used for new product launching, announcement or news broadcasting, promotion vouchers or coupons and SMS reminder.

How to operate the Bulk SMS?

Our Bulk SMS is web-based solution. You can draft and send SMS via Internet. No modem or additional hardware is required. You only need to log into our online system, then you can send SMS to your subscriber.

What is the difference between yours and other Bulk SMS services?

Our Bulk SMS does not require any hardware purchasing. No modem or simcard is required. It is a web-based solution. All SMS drafting and sending is executed online. There are no set up fee, monthly fee or rental fee. We provide fix rate to all Telco.

Any other special features of Bulk SMS?

Additional features available under Bulk SMS includes:

  • Email to SMS
  • Duplicate number auto screening upon import.
  • Failed mobile numbers clean up.

Can I send MMS/ EMS?

No. Only text based SMS is supported. MMS/EMS is not supported.

Can I send Chinese/Japanese characters/Tamil/Jawi?

Yes. Our Bulk SMS supports alphanumeric and Unicode. You can send English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Jawi text. Unicode will be 70 characters per SMS.

How many characters for 1 SMS?

1SMS = 1SMS Credit
For alphanumeric >> 160 characters for 1 SMS
For Unicode (Chinese/Japanese) >> 70 characters for 1 SMS

Can I send SMS to other countries?

Yes. We support a few countries at this moment. You can send to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, India, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand.

We are continuously expanding our SMS Coverage. Check out number of credit required for each countries here.

Any restriction on the mobile number?

No. We support all mobile number. As long as the mobile number is valid. You can send out message to all mobile service providers’ number. Also, you are not allow to promote premium SMS services using bulk sms.

How do I know the status of sent SMS?

We are providing the delivery report feature. You will know the status of each sent SMS. There is 3 status, which are Success, Pending and Failure.

Why does SMS fail?

It happen when the mobile is invalid or the mobile number could not be reached for 24 hours.

Will I be charged for faild SMS?

Yes. SMS Credits will be deducted regardless of success or failed message.

In what circumstances the Pending status will appear?

When the mobile phone is not reachable or locates in remote area that is out of network coverage.

Any action will be taken on the Pending SMS?

The system will resend it automatically once the mobile is turned on or when they are in coverage area within 24 hours.

How many SMS can I blast for one time?

The Maximum Throughput for Shortcode Bulk SMS is 600 SMS/s.

What is the minimum SMS Credits to be purchased/top up?

The smallest available package for Shortcode BulkSMS come with 2,000 Credits. This mean that you can start of or topup with this package.

What is the difference between Bulk SMS and Premium SMS?

The ShortCode BulkSMS will be relaying via 6XXXX while Premium SMS be tagged with 3XXXX. Additionally, ShortCode BulkSMS do not come with charging mechanism as Premium SMS did.

What will I get after purchasing SMS credits?

Everything is done instantly. You may first signup for a trial account. After that to place order and pay online. You will get a notification email on the account linkage step. After that your S account is topup instantly and You may start your SMS blasting service. You may even topup at the middle of night, whenever, wherever you need it.

Can I have a trial account?

Yes. You can get 5+5 credits free trial credits. Kindly visit our Bulk SMS page to sign up for free.

It is any possible I bundled my own application with your Bulk SMS to serve specific purpose?

Yes. We will provide API and sample code in PHP, .NET & Java. You can perform integration from your application to our SMS gateway. Any question, just call Trio mobile support team at 03-20584799.

Any expiry period?

Yes. Each purchase of credit is valid for a year. If there is any balance credit, you may top up at any package price and the remaining credit will be carried forward.

For 2 Ways SMS

What is 2 Ways SMS?

2 Ways SMS also known as Interactive SMS allow the Sender & Recipient to communicate, feedback & send instruction via SMS Platform/Channel.

What are the differences between 1 Way Bulk SMS and 2 Ways SMS?

2 Ways SMS will be tagged to 1 Dedicated 6 Series (6XXXX) ShortCode for outgoing message at the same time it comes with receiving feature. Client is given the choice to go for Dedicated or Shared Keywords option for 2 Ways SMS.

Vice versa, as the name denoted 1 Way Bulk SMS can only be utilized for disseminate SMS and do not come with receiving feature.

How does 2 Ways SMS operate?

2 Ways SMS come with both receiving (MO) and sending (MT) feature. Firstly, client need to apply either a Dedicated/Shared Keyword representing your service brand. If the respective keyword is available, the keyword can be activated within 2 to 3 working days and client may proceed to perform API integration as to enable 2 Ways SMS at their respective application.

What is the Shortcode Number for 2 Ways SMS?

Sending and Receiving for 2 Ways SMS will be going through a 5 Digits Shortcode number like 6XXXX.

What is keyword?

Keyword is the first word in the SMS. We recommend client to opt for short and easy remember keyword.

What is the max length for each Keyword?

It can support up to maximum of 30 characters as a Dedicated / Shared Keyword. However, try to keep it short and simple as to minimise typo error.

What is sub-keywords?

Sub-keyword is the word after a Primary Keyword. For instance the Primary Keyword is TRIO, sub-keyword will be the first word after the primary Keyword e.g: TRIO SUPPORT, TRIO SALES, TRIO BILLING and etc.

Can I send 2 Ways SMS to other countries?

Regret to inform that 2 Ways SMS only support Malaysia Celcos such as DiGi, Celcom, Maxis & U Mobile. However, if you are interested to have world wide coverage, alternative solution will be Sim Card Hosting.

How can I integrate the 2 Ways SMS feature to my application?

You can easily integrate with Trio Mobile Gateway via HTTP Query String and the code generator can be found from CloudSMS -> Settings -> API.

Can I send to all service provider?

The major celcos of Malaysia are supported, there are DiGi, Celcom, Maxis & U Mobile.

How does it cost me if I wanted to use this 2 Ways SMS service?

You may refer to our pricing at http://www.trio-mobile.com/services/2-ways-sms.html

Does this 2 Ways SMS come with charging mechanism?


How many characters are allowed in a SMS?

For alphanumeric SMS, each block of SMS can accommodate up to 160 characters while for Unicode such as Chinese or Japanese, each block of SMS can accommodate up to 70 characters. However, the first 7 characters shall be reserved for “RM0.00 ” that will be auto appended by Trio Mobile Gateway.

Can I have a trial account?

Regret to inform you that 2 Ways SMS doesn’t come with trial feature.

If I wanted to purchase, what should I do?

Kindly contact our Sales Team via sales@trio-mobile.com

Who needs 2 Ways SMS?

Anyone that wish to enable Interactive Feature via SMS be it a voting, contest, feedback, service request, automation process, tracking and etc, 2 Ways SMS is your right Choice.

For Bulk SMS Reseller

What is the benefit of being a reseller?

You can perform branding on your domain.

  • You may brand your domain as http://sms.yourdomainname.com
  • You may create / manage your own customers.
  • You may manage the credit for your customers.

Can I use the API to send SMS?

Yes. Each reseller account will be given 1 set of API username and password.

What about my customers, do they get the API as well?

Unfortunately, we will be only providing you with the reseller API username and password. You will need to build your own credit management system and integrate it to our SMS gateway.

How do I signup?

You must have a Registered Business and justify that your daily business operation is related to Information Technology Sector while you are reselling it to your client instead of self consumption.

If the above are met, you may contact our Sales Team accordingly.

Will the credit expire?

Yes. Each SMS Credits will be expired 1 year from the start date of purchased. However, you can always carry forward the remaining balance of the SMS credit by topping up any package.

Can I create my own brand?

Yes. You can put your own logo and design package according to your marketing strategy.

How long do it take to set up reseller account?

We will set up the reseller account for you within 48 hours.

For Premium SMS

What is Premium SMS?

It is a interactive SMS solution. You can receive text from mobile user and reply to them with certain charge rate applied on the mobile user.

There are 2 type of service for premium SMS
- Subscription based service (4D, News, Football)
- IOD (Voting, Complain)

What is the difference between Bulk SMS and Premium SMS?

The ShortCode BulkSMS will be relaying via 6XXXX while Premium SMS be tagged with 3XXXX. Additionally, ShortCode BulkSMS do not come with charging mechanism as Premium SMS did.

How do Premium SMS operate?

Once you subscribe to our Premium SMS, you are renting our gateway access and shared short code with a keyword provided. Short code is the 5 digit number such as 36828, and keyword is the first word on the text message. Normally people will put on their brand name or service to do the branding exercise.

You may use premium SMS to provide services such as subscription news, football tips, voting services, feedback services and many more

What is Shortcode?

Shortcode is the 5 digit number such as 36828.

What is keyword?

Keyword is the first word in the SMS.

How many keyword I can have?

There is no limitation. You can purchase more than 1 keyword.

How long the keyword?

The Keyword should be only alphanumeric with no more than 15 characters.

What is sub-keywords?

Sub-keyword is the word after Keyword. For instance your keyword is TRIO, you can create TRIO SUPPORT, TRIO SALES,TRIO BILLING. TRIO is your keyword. SUPPORT, SALES and BILLING is your sub-keywords.

How many sub-keywords I can create?

You can create as many as you want. It is free of charge.

Do I need to have my own application to run with Premium SMS?

Yes, you need to have SMS application to process your SMS. If you do not have your own application, we can perform custom made application for you. Please contact us for details

If I had my own application?

We will provide API gateway for integration. API is a set of instruction on how to integrate with our gateway. We will provide sample codes for integration as well. Any web based language can integrate with our SMS Gateway, such as PHP, .NET, Java.

What SMS applications can you develop?

We have two types of SMS applications.

  1. Information On Demand Application (IOD) – complaint service, voucher and product request.
  2. Subscription based Application – Tips, Gaming Result and News

How does it cost me if I wanted to launch a Premium SMS service?

In order to utilize the shared sort code and have gateway access, there are several costs incur which include Annual keyword fee, Web Application fee as well as Profit sharing.

Any limitation on the subscription SMS sending?

Yes. Malaysia Government restricted SMS subscription service to maximum 1 SMS per day.

Can I use Bulk SMS to promote the Premium SMS service?

No. Malaysia Government restricted promoting premium SMS service using Bulk SMS service.

How much should I set the SMS price rate?

You can set the price rate from RM0.30 to RM 10.00.

Can I change the price rate?

You are allow to change the price for IOD services. For subscription services, if you wish to change the price, you will lose all your subscriber as Telco will delete your keyword and re-register it again.

Can I send to all service provider?

For this moment, our Premium SMS only able to support 3 main service providers which are Maxis, DiGi and Celcom.

Which countries are supported for Premium SMS?

Only Malaysia for this moment.

How many characters are allowed in a SMS?

For alphanumeric is 160 characters and Unicode (Chinese or Japanese) is 70 characters each SMS. You must reserve 7 characters for RM0.00:

Can I send MMS/EMS?

For this moment, our solution only support text based message. We do not support MMS or EMS.

Any profit sharing scheme in Trio Premium SMS?

Yes. Profit sharing does apply. Telco will charge certain rate from each of SMS. For instance, if each SMS charged rate is RM1.00, Celcom will take RM0.53, Maxis RM0.42 and DiGi RM0.47 from each SMS. The remaining amount after deduction of Telco, 15% will go to Trio Mobile and the rest is yours.

Can I sending SMS with more than 160 characters?

No, you could not.

How can I know the SMS success to be sent out or not?

You will receive the live real time Delivery Notification from DiGi and Celcom mobile subscriber but for Maxis, delivery report will be updated monthly.

Will you charge for the failure message?

No. You and your mobile subscriber will not be charged.

Then how do I get paid?

Telco will pay Trio Mobile after 60-90 day end of each month. Once we received the payment, we will update into your account reporting system. When you see the amount is appearing on your account, you can ask for withdraw by clicking the button next to the amount. We will bank in the amount for you after 3 working days once we receive instruction from you.

How fast or how many I can blast one time?

Our server can handle 30 SMS per second.

Can I have a trial account?

Sorry. We do not provide trial account for Premium SMS.

If I wanted to purchase, what should I do?

You can go to http://order.trio-mobile.com. Click on Premium SMS online purchase. After you purchased, we will send you an agreement document and the premium service order form. Once you passed us the transaction payment receipt and signed agreement, we will set up an account for you and register your keyword with Telco. Telco will take 7 working days to approve your keyword.

Who needs Premium SMS?

  • If you require loyal card registration via text messaging.
  • If you want to launch a voting contest.
  • If you want to provide content service to mobile user such as jokes, tips, news, gaming results and etc.
  • If you seek for feedback survey from client via SMS.
  • If you wish to set up complain or feedback system to gather feedback from your customer.

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