NEW RULES: Restriction on ShortCode BulkSMS for International Brands/Corporation

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective 01 October 2018, Malaysia Celcos required each SMS send to Malaysia to include either one of the following info in the sms message as to continue to enjoy local rate:

a) Brand Name
b) Name of the Party

For SMS message that fail to compliance to the above, a sum of 6 SMS Credits will be charged for each block of SMS instead of 1 SMS Credit.

As to ease up the process, Trio Mobile have created an Auto Branding Append Feature. Kindly follow the steps below as to active the feature.

1. Login to
2. Go to CloudSMS –> Branding
3. Update your Branding, Company Name, Company Registration No
4. Click Save and wait for approval
5. Once approved, SMS will auto append the branding

- The Brand Name & Name of the Party shall consists of Malaysia Entity only as to enjoy local rate. Otherwise, international rate will be applied.

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