Longcode Bulk SMS at cheaper rate & with receive reply feature.

We have launched the latest Longcode Bulk SMS which allow you to send SMS at lower rate, with the additional feature of receiving reply from recipient.

The SMS sending mechanism is different from Shortcode Bulk SMS, whereby Longcode Bulk SMS is sent through a series of SIM card. Thus, the senderID will appear as a random mobile number,and is not changeable.

The sending speed via Longcode SMS is slightly slower at 100 SMS per second, whereas Shortocode SMS sending rate is 600 SMS per second.

In short if you plan to send SMS within Malaysia only, and would like to have the Receive reply feature from recipient after the SMS blasting. Longcode Bulk SMS is what you need, plus the even lower rate per sms price compare to Shortcode Bulk SMS.

Check out Longcode Bulk SMS info via link below:

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