How to send out SMS to Multiple Contact or Group

How to send out SMS to Multiple Contact or Group

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STEP 1: Login to CloudSMS web interface via

STEP 2: Click on “Send SMS” button(Green Color) or  Expand “CloudSMS” from Navigation Bar>>”Send Common SMS”

STEP 3: Please select send from (LongCode or Shortcode).

STEP 4: Enter your “SMS Campaign Name”.

STEP 5: Select your contact from “Group” or manually enter(extra/additional) mobile number to “And Following Mobile Number(s)” box.

STEP 6: Select your “Sender ID” or leave it as default.

STEP 7: Enter your “SMS Text Message” field or select your text message from “Template”.

STEP 8: Tick the Send Date / Send Time to schedule your SMS campaign . (You may leave it if you are sending out SMS campaign immediately.)

STEP 9: Click “Send” button to blast out.

Note: Kindly ensure the Unicode is working properly on your internet browser when the message content is Chinese, Tamil, Jawi, Arab character


Normal text sms (max 459 characters)Unicode sms (max 201 characters)
1 credit for max 160 characters
2 credits for 161 – 306 characters
3 credits for 307 – 459 characters
1 credit for max 70 characters
2 credits for 71 – 134 characters
3 credits for 135 – 201 characters

Only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, [email protected]#$%6&*()_+-=:;’”<>,.?/ characters are supported. 

Furthermore, please do not include the [email protected], [email protected] and etc at your message content. You may replace “@” symbol with (at).

Tips: Always Test SMS to Single Mobile Number before Mass Sending!