Error Codes description to Content Provider (CP)

Error Codes description to Content Provider (CP)

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Trio Mobile Connectivity Platform (MCP) response result to Content Provider (CP) once received a MT ( Messaging Termination) request.



Negative Code



Dependant on SMS data passed to the SMS gateway

Error CodeDescription
-21Country Code is invalid. Eg. Non-existence country code
-22trx_id is invalid. trx_id must be numeric type and maximum length is 64 bit.trx_id is an unique ID generated by MCP. CP has to return this transaction ID in the MT message to tie to the request ( except for the MT Push).Pull MT-CP has to return trx_id from MO.Push MT – trx_id = 0
-23Passname is invalid. Passname is the keyword chosen by CP. The maximum length is 50 alphanumeric code.
-24Password is invalid. Password is generated by MCP and will be given to CP during service provisioning. Maximum length will be 15 alphanumeric combination.
-25originating_no is empty. This is refer to the Sender ID. For Premium SMS, this is equivalent to short_code field. Maximum length for it is 11
-26destination_no is empty or invalid. It refers to subscriber MSISDN number which determine where MT will be sent. Eg 6012XXXXXXX.Maximum length for destination_no is 1000*refer to bulk_fg belowif bulk_fg = 1, up to 10 mobile numbers can be included in this field separated with commas (,). Eg, 60120000000, 60160000000
-27cp_reference_id is invalid. Maximum length is 255.CP can use this field for their own reference. It will be returned in the Delivery Notification( DN). If there is no cp_reference_id, please provide “0”
-28bill_type is invalid. The field indicates whether the MT is chargeable. The valid values are 0- no charge, 1- Premium billing. Only one digit is allowed either “0” or “1”.
-29bill_price is invalid. Minimum value is “0” while maximum value is “1000”.Price is indicated in cents. For Non-Premium MT message, bill_type = “0” and bill_price = “0”.* Refer to Appendix 1 for available pricing.30 means you are charging RM0.30100 means you are charging RM1.00
-30content_type is invalid. The should be only one digit been filled up either “1” or “2”.This field indicate the content being submitted.“1” refers to normal text messaging (160 characters including space and punctuation mark as 1 MT)“2” refers to Unicode text message (70 characters including space and punctuation mark as 1 MT)For content type = 2, refer to appendix 3.
-31Content provider is barred.
-32Invalid message length. Minimum length is 1 and maximum length is 1000
-33Account suspended.
-34destination_no not allowed in testing stage.
-35destination_no not subscribed.
-36Invalid characters in message. Only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, [email protected]#$%6&*()_+-=:;’”<>,.?/ characters are supported.Furthermore, please do not include the [email protected], [email protected] and etc on the message content. You may replaced “@” symbol with (at). Kindly always process the 1 testing before blast out your SMS campaign.
-50Invalid trx_id provided as a reference trx_id in MO.
-60Insufficient prepaid credit. Your credit balance is 0.


Additional Information

If you are unsure of your API error message, kindly issue a ticket to our Support Team