Bulk SMS (1 Way)

Bulk SMS Marketing by Trio Mobile. Blast your message via SMS in a click. Send SMS to worldwide at same rate.

What is Bulk SMS Solutions?

Bulk SMS also known as SMS Marketing enables you to communicate instantly to groups of people via bulk text messaging. It’s the promising solutions for SMS alerting, advertisement, and etc. With a single click, you can send out few thousand SMS from a pc or computer using our SMS web system, easily access via web browser.

Shortcode Bulk SMS allows you to send to Malaysia and also international. Speedy Delivery and Recommended for Two-Factor Authentication / One Time Pin Usage.

Bulk SMS – Shortcode

SMS Packages: Best SMS rate in town! Promotion

SMS Credits Promotion Price! SMS per unit
2,000 RM 200 Only! RM 0.100
10,000 RM 950 Only! RM 0.095
25,000 RM 2,250 Only! RM 0.090
50,000 RM 4,250 Only! RM 0.085
100,000 Call or Email for Price RM 0.0xx

*Prices shown are exclusive of Sales Tax.

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SMS is just about service! The solution is Wonderful only if it works.

For this reason, we put you at no risk, and we are happy to let you test our SMS solution for FREE.
Just follow link below to try. And, no spam… We respect your privacy.

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How Fast ? How Reliable ? How Convenience? Is our Bulk SMS Solution..

  • Accurate Delivery report directly from Telcos.
  • Lightning Speed Delivery of 600 SMS per second.
  • 4 tier Redundancy Servers in operation
  • Simple system with API ready
  • Preferred by banks, health association, government, reputable brands etc.

But why Trio Mobile? Not others?

    • We want to serve you! Humble start in SMS Industry since 2004. And has been serving Individual, Soho, SME to Corporates with dedicated CS team with heart..
    • We have dream and passion! We look forward positive growth with your business..
    • We stay competitively.. as always. We constantly update user request features, system, servers even prices..
    • SMS is Effective.. isn’t it? Fast & Easy! We hope more businesses can benefit from it.


Usage of Bulk SMS:

  • New Products Launching
  • Announcement / News broadcasting
  • Promotions vouchers / coupons
  • SMS Reminders

New! Send International SMS to more than 20 countries

Now, we support sending bulk SMS to these countries at the same rate (1 credit): Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Brunei, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand.

Other countries with different credit: Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, Dubai, Myanmar.

We are continuously expanding our SMS Coverage. It is our pleasure to offer more SMS coverage with Quality SMS Routes at the most Competitive Rates.

Country Code Country Credit Deduction
43 Austria 4.5
61 Australia 2.4
880 Bangladesh 1
32 Belgium 2
55 Brazil 2.2
673 Brunei 1
359 Bulgaria 3
855 Cambodia 3.5
1 Canada, United States 5.5
236 Central African Republic 4.5
86 China 2
385 Croatia 2
357 Cyprus 1
420 Czech Republic 1.4
45 Denmark 1
971 Dubai (UAE) 2
372 Estonia 2
358 Finland 1.5
33 France 5
49 Germany 4
30 Greece 5
852 Hong Kong 1
36 Hungary 5
91 India 1
62 Indonesia 2
353 Ireland 1
39 Italy 3.6
1 Jamaica 5.5
81 Japan 2.4
254 Kenya 1
7 Kazakhstan 5.5
856 Laos 5.5
371 Latvia 3.5
961 Lebanon 1.6
370 Lithuania 1
352 Luxembourg 1
265 Malawi 1.5
60 Malaysia 1
60 Malaysia (International Branding) 4
960 Maldives 1
356 Malta 2
976 Mongolia 4.5
258 Mozambique 2
95 Myanmar 3
977 Nepal 1.5
31 Netherlands 5.5
64 New Zealand 1.8
47 Norway 5.5
92 Pakistan 1
63 Philippines 2
48 Poland 5.5
351 Portugal 4
40 Romania 5
966 Saudi Arabia 1
381 Serbia 1
65 Singapore 2
421 Slovakia 1.5
386 Slovenia 2
27 South Africa 2
82 South Korea 4.5
34 Spain 5.5
46 Sweden 5.5
886 Taiwan 2.5
255 Tanzania 1
66 Thailand 1
90 Turkey 4
256 Uganda 1.5
44 United Kingdom 5.5
84 Vietnam 1

*Kindly contact our Sales Team sales@trio-mobile.com if your preferred destination is not listed.

Easy Integration with API

SMS API is provided with any purchase of our package without additional charges and you can easily integrate it to your web application.
With API, you can achieve the following without going through our SMS web interface:

  • Auto login
  • Send sms
  • Retrieve credits balance
  • and more …

If you are a software house/provider, using API enables you to utilise our SMS gateway directly from your application without revealing the presence of our web interface. This not only simplify usability, it adds as value service to have SMS alert supporting your application.

API integration is absolutely free and easy to complete along with free sample code we have included for your convenience at finger tips.

Not convinced?
Check out who are currently using our SMS service.
Those big brothers already chosen us. What’s more to hesitate?

Speak to us with your quantity (minimum 50k credit in single purchase) and we’ll give you the best counter offer.

Who are currently using our Bulk SMS

Trio Mobile Bulk SMS Clientele

SMS Packages:

  • Covers ALL Malaysia Telcos (010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 016, 017, 018, 019)
  • Covers more than 20 Countries: Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Brunei, Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand etc. Scroll up for the list of countries and rates.
  • Rate varies depends on countries.
  • SMS credits valid for one (1) year. Balance credits auto-extended in each topup.
  • Delivery Notification directly from Telcos.
  • 1 SMS credit = 160 characters for Standard (English/Malay) or 70 characters for Unicode(Chinese/Jawi)

SMS Web System Key Features:

  • Web Based Access (Online System)
  • Multilevel Users Access (Main / Sub-User)
  • Support for Unicode (eg. Chinese/Japanese Character)
  • Send SMS from File (no import required)
  • Scheduled SMS Sending
  • Phonebook Management
  • Contact Group Management
  • Personalized Recipients Name in SMS
  • Import Contacts list from file
  • Online Delivery Report
  • New! Failed Mobile Number Cleaning

How to Order: Getting Started in 4 Simple Steps

    Step 1: Order Online – Firstly, make a purchase order for SMS credits.
    Step 2: Make Payment – Proceed with FPX payment (Automated Process) / Make Manual Payment and send us the receipt via fax or email.
    Step 3: One Time Account Linkage – Follow Topup Wizard from Email and Perform One Time Linkage to your Cloud SMS Account.
    Step 4: Send SMS – Start your SMS blasting campaign right away.

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